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Romania is one of the biggest suppliers of cattle in the European Union. We wish to become a reference point within cattle distribution in Romania. For this, all the animals we sale are sanitarily checked, fed only with ecological (bio) products and have no hormonal treatments. In this way our buyer is sure to buy only the best livestock from our farm from Romania.

We can offer you the following cattle categories:
Calves weighting from 60 to 100 kg.
Bullocks and heifers weighting from 100 to 300 kg.
Meat cows for slaughter - Bălţată Românească race - (Romanian Spotted Cattle - red and white) each weighting around 500 - 550 kg.

All the animals are loaded directly from our farm after a certain period of quarantine in which they are being kept under strict surveillance in order to comply with all sanitary regulations imposed by the European Union.