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The main activity of S.C. DEMETRA S.R.L. is the purchase and sale of bovine livestock, especially meat cows, calves and bullocks.
The collecting and delivery of the animals is being made at our bovine collection centre located at our company’s work point. This is situated in an area far away from the noise and pollution of the big cities, in a small village called Oraseni, county Harghita, close to the border with the county Brasov.
The bovine species that can be found in this area, as well as their meat’s very good quality has been a very important reason for which we decided to found our bovine collection centre here. All the animals, be it cows, bullocks or calves, are fed with ecological fodders and have not been treated with hormones.
The endowments of the bovine collection centre meet the highest European standards and requirements in the industry and the vehicles we use to transport the animals through Romania are modern and specially arranged for this purpose. In this way, we can assure the comfort of the animal for the whole period while it is being transported or in our stable.

The company’s official data is

City Gheorgheni
Cart. Bucin, Bl. 19, Sc. A, Ap. 19
Postal Code 535500
County Harghita

Work point:
Village Orăşeni, F.N.
Postal Code 537184
County Harghita

VAT Code: RO 21677478
Registry of Commerce number: J19 / 409 / 04.05.2007
Joint Stock: 300 RON
Agricultural exploitation code: RO 0850109001
Collection centre code:  RO - CC B 167 HR
Sanitary veterinary authorization number: HR004 / 31.08.2007